Innovation in support of solidarity

Our Solidarity Programs aim to promote innovation and gender diversity in tech, raise awareness of environmental issues, and democratize art and culture.

We also enhance the value of our partnerships through the loyal commitment of our employees to skills sponsorship, a major asset in the success of the projects we support.

Supported programs

Simplon Foundation

The project "Les intrépides de la Tech" works towards greater gender diversity in the field of technology and trains future professionals in these promising careers.


The “Skills sponsorship” program allows an entrepreneur with a disability to structure their project or strengthen their skills thanks to the mentoring of volunteer collaborators

Enactus France

The Student and High School Programs aim to encourage youth entrepreneurship in the service of society by developing their creativity and human skills.


The professional reintegration program aims to encourage women in their retraining projects through digital workshops, webinars and mentoring

Total EDHEC Entreprendre

National startup competition organized annually by students from the Edhec Business School. The goal is to promote entrepreneurship and assist young, innovative startups in their development.

Maud Fontenoy Foundation

The educational challenges project for the Ocean enables schools, from kindergarten to high school, to implement the teachings from educational kits through concrete projects with their students.

Ecole de la Transition Ecologique

Training for reengagement and prequalification in the fields of urban agriculture, eco-construction, and renewable energies.

Mini Big Forest

Creation of a participative mini-forest in the heart of a mental health facility. This project aims to combat Urban Heat Islands and enhance the quality of life for residents.

Art dans la Cité

Illuminart is an innovative, immersive, and interactive system that projects artistic and digital content in hospitals to enhance the daily experience of both patients and healthcare staff.

Creative Handicap

C.I.A.R.A. is a training program in the video game and graphic design professions. Its aim is to promote the professional inclusion of disabled young people and school dropouts aged 18 to 30.