Our Employee initiatives

The Keyrus Foundation aims to involve as many Keyrus Group employees as possible in creating a more caring world.

Thanks to the initiatives selected during the call for projects, each year our employees share with us the richness of their human and community experience. What they have in common is their commitment to social good!

Employee initiatives

Rallye du Coeur

Project Proposed by Aurélie Leboeuf

Every year, the Rallye du Coeur, organized by the Imagine for Margo association for pediatric cancer research, aims to raise funds for research. The Keyrus Foundation takes pride in its support of Rallye 2023 and its involvement in the CobioRB research project, a part of the Fight Kids Cancer initiative. This project is dedicated to identifying genetic biomarkers to enhance the treatment of retinoblastoma.

Les Foulées Fleurinoises 2023 : Courir pour le changement

Projet proposé par Vincent Belot

Les Foulées Fleurinoises is an annual running event that promotes sports and lends support to charitable organizations. Each year, numerous Keyrus Lyon employees participate in this charitable race. In 2023, the Keyrus Foundation offered financial backing to the Xtraordinnaire association, which provides assistance to families impacted by a rare genetic disease.


Project Proposed by Fabiola Floret

The mission of the Djéna association is to empower African youth as active contributors to the development of the continent. Through the generosity of its benefactors, it grants excellence scholarships to students, enabling them to pursue higher education opportunities. The Keyrus Foundation takes pride in its role in funding the education of promising students.

Call for projects

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Cadence Parfaite

Project proposed by Karim Dif

The Cadence Parfaite association, founded in 2017, offers adults the opportunity to explore music. The education focuses on music theory and musicology. The program also includes concert outings and masterclasses to enhance the learning experience. The Keyrus Foundation provides financial support to the association for the acquisition of music equipment and concert outings.


Project Proposed by Yen Mei Lu

Meliponi is an association with a mission to promote education and health through visual arts while contributing to sustainable development goals. The Keyrus Foundation supports the 2023 participatory video project focused on the topic of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). The objective is to raise awareness among young adults about the challenges posed by STIs and to encourage them to take protective measures.