About us

The Keyrus fondation

The Keyrus Foundation was established in 2017 to organize and amplify the collective charitable efforts initiated by the Keyrus Group since its inception.

"Our mission is to nurture the human values of our Group; to humanize the future. The Keyrus Group is not only a key player in the most innovative realms of data and digital but also a responsible and committed advocate for a united world. We thus unite all Keyrus Group employees to act for societal benefit. By dedicating their skills to the public good, we enhance their sense of belonging... because we believe in creating a more just, inclusive, and sustainable society," states Eric Cohen, CEO of the Keyrus Group and President of the Keyrus Foundation.

Battling all forms of discrimination, championing equal opportunities, valuing human and cultural diversity, and raising awareness of environmental issues are the major challenges of the 21st century that the Keyrus Foundation has been striving to address since 2017. We will continue this commitment daily with the aim of shaping an increasingly benevolent world for our future generations.

Our mission

In alignment with the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) policy of the Keyrus Group, the Foundation's mission is to advance its social and societal commitment through a variety of charitable initiatives, while also rallying an ever-increasing number of employees to its cause. Positioning innovation - the core DNA of the Keyrus Group - at the heart of its philanthropic activities, the Foundation supports numerous projects across three key areas of engagement. These areas are defined by the ambition to address the challenges of the 'digital era', ecological sustainability, and ensuring universal access to culture.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of nine members, including entrepreneurs, professionals, and academics, who convene annually. It is presided over by Eric Cohen, the Chairman and CEO of the Keyrus Group. The Board is responsible for establishing the Foundation's sponsorship guidelines, endorsing its solidarity programs and employee initiatives, as well as approving the budget, activity reports, and financial reports. Ultimately, it serves as the guardian of the Foundation's overarching policies.

Members of the administrative committee.

Eric Cohen

Chairman, Founder & CEO - Keyrus Group

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Laetitia Adjadj

Board member, Head of Keyrus Foundation

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Leslie Saadoun

Co-responsible of the Keyrus Foundation

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Corinne Bensoussan

Representative of the personnel of the Keyrus Foundation

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Jean-Eudes Oumier

Chief Procurement Officer

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Soumia Malinbaum

Head of CSR Policy

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External figures

Stéphane Cohen

« Entrepreneuriat »

An experienced entrepreneur, serves as the CEO of Iguane Solutions, a company specializing in hosting and enterprise cloud services.

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Thierry Berthier

« Éducation au numérique »

Lecturer in mathematics at the University of Limoges and researcher in Cyberdefense and Cybersecurity.

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Raymond Blumenthal

« Art et Culture »

Film producer and the current manager of Île Productions.

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About the Keyrus Group

Keyrus is an international consulting and technology company that brings meaning to data by revealing its full scope, especially from a human perspective. Whether the data are large, small, human, complex, historical, or predictive, they only become meaningful when used to enhance experiences, refine everyday understanding, and make the best decisions. Economically. Societally. Humanely. With a commitment to making a positive impact, we also support our clients in broader issues related to sustainability and societal growth through our foundation and ESG initiatives.